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Upcoming Events

Welcome to our Events page, your go to resource for upcoming events and gatherings related to psychedelics therapy. Here you'll find a diverse range of events, from educational seminars and workshops to community meetups and retreats.

Explore The Potential Of Psychedelics

Our events are designed to provide a safe, supportive, and informative space for those interested in exploring the potential of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. Whether you're a therapist, researcher, or simply curious about the healing properties of these substances, we have something for everyone.


We are proud to announce that Psychedelics Transdiagnostic Therapeutics has joined Psychedelic Science 2023, hosted by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and organized by Momentum Events as a sponsor. 


Psychedelic Science 2023 is the largest psychedelic gathering in history and we are proud to be apart of this incredible ecosystem of researchers, artists, leaders, and practitioners. Be part of the breakthrough. Buy your tickets now:

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