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Discover The Healing Power of Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy For Sustained Relief From Mental Health Conditions & Psychological Stress

We specialize in treating a wide range of pain and mental health conditions. The bedrock of our 40-year experience is our expertise in providing consultations and treating:

Mental Health Disorders

Traumatic Brain Injury

Chronic Pain Conditions

Open Your Mind to Psychedelic Therapy

1:1 Expert Consultations


Treatment Plans

Safe & Effective Psychedelic Treatment

Mohan Nair, M.D.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals on a Mission to Revolutionize Mental Healthcare with Psychedelic Therapy

Mohan Nair, M.D. and the team of medical specialists at Psychedelics Transdiagnostic Therapeutics use multimodal holistic and cutting-edge strategies to achieve mental wellness and to heal the body and mind.

Consult With Our Team of Wellness Experts

The core of our team is physicians qualified in pain medicine, brain injury medicine, internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and addiction medicine. Our team of expert medical specialists and researchers are dedicated to providing safe, effective, and transformative treatment for every patient via in person or telemedicine.


Marc Charles, M.D.


Ashok Jain, M.D. 


Andrew Levine, PhD

Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 5.05.52 PM.png

Sunny Jain, M.S.N.


Kartik Ananth, M.D.

Psychedelic Services

Psychedelic Services

Discover the transformative power of psychedelic therapy with our range of safe and effective administration methods. Our services include ketamine intramuscular injection (IM), ketamine IV therapy, and ketamine rapid dissolving tablets, each tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences.

IV Drip Therapy

Intramuscular Injection Therapy

Oral Therapy


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Patient Testimonials

"I cannot recommend Psychedelics Transdiagnostic Therapeutics enough. They are at the forefront of the psychedelic therapy movement and are dedicated to providing safe, effective, and transformative treatments to their clients. If you are looking for a powerful healing experience, I highly recommend giving them a try."

Rachel Willis

Experience the Transformative Power of Psychedelic Therapy

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